About salon

The RELAXIS massage and body care salon, which was founded in 2011, has managed to be loved by our customers as a place where the city bustle is forgotten and the world of love and care for oneself is opened up.

People living in large cities are exposed to stress and the uninterrupted rhythm of life. Our organism sometimes simply doesn’t have time to recover and gain strength. This causes chronic fatigue syndrome and as a result: headaches, nervous breakdowns and depression. Chronic fatigue makes it difficult to find the strength to pay attention to yourself and your loved ones: to enjoy a weekend in a circle of friends or just stay alone with yourself and listen to your inner voice.

But don’t forget that every day we have the choice to live our lives beautifully, and the time spent in the RELAXIS salon is guaranteed to be used for health and beauty benefits.

All masters who work in the RELAXIS salon have a university degree in medicine and they competently select procedures individually for each client and constantly improve their level of qualification. In work we use cosmetics of well-known and well-proven market quality companies: ELITECOSMETIC, STYX ─ Aromaderm, Holy Land, Dermaheal, Green Pharm, Clarena. For each client, a one-time set of procedures is used, while sterility and cleanliness is our integral rule.

The salon is located in the heart of our city, so it is easy to find us and get there.

Take care of yourself with RELAXIS and don’t forget that the best investment is an attachment to your own health!