Body care

Body skin care is as important as face skin care. Sometimes we simply forget that despite training and diets with age, the skin of the body becomes drier, flabrier and shows our true age. To keep your skin young and supple, you need systematic care, and specialists of RELAXIS salon will advise you how to give it proper and careful attention!

To keep your skin in good condition, it is recommended to perform a peeling procedure periodically. Scrubbing not only helps to get rid of «old» epidermis cells, but also forces collagen and elastin production in the skin. These proteins are responsible for the skin’s youthfulness, firmness and elasticity.


Honey and salt peeling massage

Honey and salt peeling is the scrubbing of the body with gentle massage movements. Salt crystals gently polish the skin surface, making it smooth, and the beneficial properties of honey enrich it with essential trace elements. Honey helps to get rid of toxins and excess fluid in the body: all this leads to a renewal and rejuvenation process.


Coffee peeling massage

Coffee is rightly considered as one of the best skin scrubbing products. After a coffee peeling massage, the skin will be soft and gentle on the touch and swelling will disappear. Coffee also helps in the eternal fight against cellulite. And if you are a real coffee man, the aroma of this wonderful drink will make the procedure even more enjoyable.


Peeling massage sand with Damascus rose

Fine sand is considered as one of the first and most effective methods of cellulite treatment. In addition, sand peeling helps to firm vessels, saturate the skin with oxygen and eliminate toxins. And Damascus rose oil has a strong soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. The procedure will leave a feeling of lightness and refreshment.


Coconut peeling with cane sugar

Cane sugar combined with coconut chips are the elements that turn a peeling procedure into a holiday at a tropical spa resort. Your skin gets rid of the stratum corneum and, thanks to coconut oil, it becomes moisturised and smooth. In addition, the procedure promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxification.


Peeling-massage with shell and jasmine

Jasmine oil is known for its curative properties. It contains a great amount of acids and substances that are used in medicine and cosmetology. After the peeling procedure with jasmine, the colour of your skin improves and it becomes smoother and more even. The oil of this flower helps to heal inflammation and relieve irritations. And besides that, jasmine is a natural aphrodisiac.

After peeling procedures, we recommend moisturising your skin with fragrant and nourishing mousse.


«Hot Chocolate» mousse wrapping

«Hot Chocolate» mousse wrapping is a procedure which is aimed at improving skin quality, reducing cellulite and fat layer. Hot chocolate helps to speed up the metabolic processes and eliminate toxins from the body. The useful properties of chocolate nourish the skin, enrich it with useful trace elements and make it supple. RELAXIS recommends: take a course from the «Hot Chocolate» wrapping and corrective massage to achieve a visible and persistent effect.


«The Champagne Gold» wrapping

The cocktail of champagne and grape extract, which is part of the «The Champagne Gold» wrapping mask, fills dull and tired skin with energy, stimulates collagen and elastin production, increases cell metabolism and improves blood circulation. This SPA treatment has a visible rejuvenating effect and makes the skin tighter and firmer.


Wrapping with a pronounced strengthening effec

This type of wrapping strengthens the skin’s turgor, enhances lymphatic drainage and promotes regeneration and rejuvenation. The kaolin clay, which is part of the wrapping mask, is a natural absorber and also it strengthens and cleanses the skin. We recommend to pay attention to this procedure if your skin has not fully recovered from the weight loss.


Sea mud wrapping

The healing properties of sea mud have been known since ancient times and they are still relevant in modern cosmetology. During the procedure, drainage processes are initiated, swelling is removed and the skin visibly lifts. A sea mud wrapping is recommended to improve the organism’s nervous and endocrine systems.


An alginate slimming mask

The anti-cellulite alginate slimming mask contains components that produce a “WOW” effect on skin quality. The mask promotes weight loss and removes excess fluid from the body, regenerates dermis, absorbs and fills with energy, renews cells and rejuvenates the skin. We recommend combining anti-cellulite or lymphatic drainage massage procedures with an alginate slimming mask.


Modeling mask

A modelling body mask stimulates metabolism and speeds up lipolytic processes in the body. Due to this property, we recommend using it in body shaping programmes to achieve better results.


Cinnamon and coffee wrapping

Coffee and cinnamon: this not only sounds good, but also works well. Coffee exfoliates cornea, speeds up the renewal process and tones up the skin, while cinnamon extract has a positive effect on metabolic processes, accelerates cellulite cleavage and increases tonus.


Jasmine Body Moisturizing Mask

Jasmine oil is called the king of flower oils. After applying it, the skin will shine and glow, and the scent of jasmine (a natural aphrodisiac) will add you mood and self-confidence.


Detox mask with Moroccan clay

This mask is based on natural minerals such as magnesium and calcium. The Moroccan clay deeply cleanses pores and fills the skin with minerals. The result is a firm, clean and relaxed skin.


«The Red Grapes» wrapping

The grape pulp, which is a part of the wrapping mask, contains a huge number of useful trace elements and vitamins: iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamins C and B. Thanks to this, the skin is deeply moisturized, it recovers from the effects of UF rays and its tone improves. The mask also has a beneficial effect on swollen legs.


Coconut body wrapping

Coconut oil is known for its indispensable properties in skin hydration and care. It contains a large amount of saturated fatty acids and thanks to this the effect of silky, delicate and well-groomed skin is ensured. We recommend to perform the coconut wrapping procedure regularly and your skin will thank you.