Body shaping

Every woman by nature wants to be attractive! The theme of the cherished parameters is so topical that more and more «miracle tools» are appearing on the service market promising an ideal figure instantly, but we mustn’t forget that a trim, beautiful body is the result of painstaking work on itself. Specialists of RELAXIS salon will help you to choose a figure correction programme according to your individual features.

Our task is a visible and sustainable result!


Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a rather new technique that makes it possible to remove excess fluid from the organism, which helps to fight fatty sediments, reduce volumes and lose weight. The lymphatic system has a complex function in the body, and stagnation of the lymph leads to swelling, extra pounds, reduced immunity and deterioration of the general condition. A course of lymphatic drainage massage improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, improves immunity and has a strong anti-cellulite effect.


Brazilian massage with bamboo sticks

Суть методики массажа бамбуковыми палочками заключается в ударно-вибрационной технике, позволяющей убрать дряблость кожи, укрепить мышечный тонус, активизировать обменные процессы, уменьшить объемы тела и убрать локальные жировые отложения. Результат после проведения курса процедур – подтянутые мышцы, плоский живот и уверенность в себе!


Modeling massage

Modelling massage is a procedure designed to combat local problem areas such as fat deposits in the waist, hips and arms. This unique technique corrects imperfections, improves skin turgor and removes excess centimetres and signs of cellulite.


Anti-cellulite massage

One of the most effective ways to eliminate and prevent «orange peel» is anti-cellulite massage. The technique is aimed at normalising the organism’s metabolic processes, thanks to which excess water and slags can be removed. The flow of lymph fluid ensures the delivery of the necessary substances and the skin starts to «breathe». This helps to reduce and possibly even completely eliminate the signs of cellulite. To achieve lasting results, we recommend taking an anti-cellulite massage course from 10 treatments.


Honey massage

The combination of the massage’s effectiveness and the healing qualities of honey make this procedure irreplaceable in solving figure correction problems. Honey helps to get rid of toxins and excess fluid in the organism. During the honey massage course, there is a visible anti-cellulite and rejuvenating effect, pressure becomes normalized, the immune system becomes stronger and joint problems disappear. After several sessions, you will already feel a visible improvement in your overall condition.


Vacuum-roller massage

Thanks to the vacuum-roller massage intensive venous and lymphatic drainage takes place. As a result, microcirculation improves and the body’s metabolic processes are activated, toxins are removed and muscles are tightened. Vacuum-roller massage is a qualitative and highly effective method in the fight against cellulite, flabby skin and overweight.


Aromaderm wet swaddling (STYX)

Wet swaddling (wraps) are a comprehensive fight against overweight and cellulite, which combines the high efficiency of figure correction and a rejuvenating effect. The special ingredients contained in the wet swaddling lotion ensure a steady decrease and control of appetite, resulting in a reduction of the amount of consumed food.

Bandages act as an absorbent base that removes toxic substances and stagnant products from the skin.



Cello-Gel is an effective anti-cellulite cosmetic which is based on the principles of aromatherapy and naturopathy. Cello-Gel is a comprehensive solution not only for problems of overweight and cellulite, but also for the accompanying pathologies. In addition, it contains substances with anorexigenic properties that reduce customers’ craving for food.


Anti-cellulite Solution «Coffee-Cinnamon»

The Anti-cellulite Solution «Coffee-Cinnamon» programme consists of several stages:

– coffee peeling (the peeling promotes exfoliation of corneal skin, accelerates skin renewal and tones the skin);

– anti-cellulite massage;

– wrapping with cinnamon extract (cinnamon has a positive effect on metabolic processes, promotes cellulite cleavage and increases the skin tone);

– moisturizing with «Sweet Almond» nourishing body mousse».


Lifting effect

The «Lifting effect» programme consists of:

– peeling sand massage with Damascus rose (fine sand is considered as one of the first and effective anti-cellulite products, and rose oil has a strong calming and anti-inflammatory effect);

– lymphatic drainage massage;

– wrapping with a strong strengthening effect (this type of wrap improves skin turgor, increases lympho-drainage, and promotes skin regeneration and rejuvenation).