«The effect of massage is a natural, restoring body strength, the power of life» © Hippocrates

Massage is rightly considered one of the most effective ways to improve and maintain health. With the help of various massage techniques, the immune system restores, pain reduces, muscle corset becomes more stable, psycho-emotional condition normalises and metabolic processes accelerate. It is recommended to take a full course of massage procedures to achieve a sustainable and lasting result.


In the RELAXIS salon are collected only the most highly effective massage techniques:


Classical massage

First of all, the classical massage is aimed at active muscle workout. During the procedure, muscles that are compressed from tension are relaxed:elasticity and flexibility are returned to them; fatigue and pain are removed. After the course, frequent headaches and insomnia disappear because during the procedure vessels expand, blood circulation improves and the brain saturates with oxygen.


Children’s massage

Children’s massage is essential for strengthening muscles, as children are often very mobile and muscle tissue is still weak. Wearing a backpack on one shoulder, sitting at the desk and on the phone leads to chronic muscle spasm. This ends with scoliosis in the future. That’s why muscles need to be strong and resilient, which will allow them to hold the skeleton. In general, massage strengthens the child’s immunity and maintains a healthy physical state.


Neuro-sedative massage

Neuro-sedative (relaxing) massage is a work with the nervous system. The technique aims to adapt the body to stressful situations and to relieve the direct effects of stress. Irritation, negative emotions, fatigue – all have a negative impact on the nervous system as a whole and cause somato-emotional diseases. A course of neuro-sedative massage helps to normalise a person’s psycho-emotional state and prevents many diseases.


Massage Lomi-Lomi

Massage Lomi-Lomi (Hawaiian massage) is a technique that has come to us as part of the traditions and practices of Polynesian nations. It is used for over 3000 years and aims not only to work on the physical body, relax the spasmed muscles, but also on the interaction between soul and body. The essence of this method is in transferring energy from the very centre of the body, relieving stress and having a beneficial effect on the human nervous system.


Asian massage

Asian massage (Vietnamese) – this technique is aimed on increasing attention to energy points. Proper influence on these points makes it possible to obtain better functioning of internal organs. Vietnamese massage provides a gentle effect on the organism that relaxes and carefully pulls out the muscles. After a session, there is a feeling of lightness and freedom from clamps. Thanks to this massage, you can recover your strength in just 2 hours.


Detox massage

Detox or cleansing massage is a technique aimed at starting the organism’s lymphatic system, removing toxins from the body and reducing oxidative stress on the cell. All these negative factors lead to cell ageing, and the detox course – procedures – has a cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the organism in general.


Spa massage «Hot Candle Ritual»

Hot Candle Massage is a spa procedure that combines the touch of warm candle wax, pleasant aroma and physical relaxation. The aromatic candle consists of 100% natural components. Warm liquid wax produces a positive effect on the skin, makes it supple, moisturised and tightened. This unusual ritual restores mental balance and healthy sleep.


Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage with essential oils is a relaxation procedure that focuses on relaxation, filling with a sense of tranquillity and solving all problems. Moreover, aroma oils also produce a healing effect on the organism: the immune system becomes stronger, the hormonal background normalises, excess fluid removes from the body, muscle tension disappears and, of course, the nervous system stabilises.


Creole massage with bamboo sticks

Massage with bamboo sticks fights cellulite, flabby skin and overweight. During the massage, metabolic processes are accelerated, and the greatest effect is observed on the hips and buttocks. This technique is highly effective and it takes less time than classical methods. It is recommended to complete a full course to achieve visible and persistent results.


Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage

Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage is a relaxing massage technique with the application of hot stones and essential oils. The stones enhance the effect of oils, relaxing and energising. Thanks to the usage of essential oils, the skin becomes resilient and elastic, and after the procedure you get a feeling of complete physical and emotional peace. This type of massage also increases the intensity of metabolic processes.


Stone massage

Contrast stone therapy compensates sports activities for people who are partially restricted in physical activity. Thanks to the alternation of hot and cold stones, metabolism triggers, which helps to model body shape and lose weight. The therapeutic course of stone massage helps to get rid of migraines, insomnia, chronic fatigue, metabolic disorders and muscle spasms, increases immunity and provides a good prevention of frequent colds.


Chocolate massage

Chocolate massage is a combination of a wellness effect and a sense of pleasure, because its main component is chocolate. It contains vitamins and trace elements that help revitalise the body, smooth the skin, eliminate stretch marks and even get rid of cellulite. Chocolate massage is an aromatherapy, massage and cosmetology procedure at the same time!


Sports massage

Sports massage focuses on deep workout and impact on muscles, ligaments and tendons. Its main aim is the relaxation of spasmed muscles, reducing the symptoms of muscle fever, decreasing the risk of injuries and strain on the cardiovascular system. After a sports massage course, the endurance and efficiency of a person increases.



Taping is a technique of application of special adhesive tape to injured areas of the musculoskeletal system. Taping can be applied to damaged muscles and joints, creating calmness in the area where it is fixed. Sports activities can be restored during the regeneration phase, starting with the lungs ー simulators, walking, muscle stretching, with the necessary application of tape, which will protect the joint from possible repeated damage and the transition to a chronic condition. Taping is also used not only to treat injuries, but also for preventive purposes to immobilise joints that are at risk of being damaged.