Bioreparation / Dysport / Mesotherapy

Today, skin care is considered to be the same as sports, a visit to a manicure or hair stylist. The boundaries of age are being erased and we want to preserve youthfulness and beauty for as long as possible. The beauty industry’s technologies and techniques are developing so quickly that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of the latest novelties and developments. But there are procedures that have proven themselves to be the best in the fight for young, well-groomed, fresher and smoother skin.



Biorevitalization is literally the «supply» of much-needed hyaluronic acid to our skin in deep layers of the dermis. After its application, the skin becomes moisturised, it receives nutrients, evens out complexion, tone becomes better, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes are removed, and the oval is improved. Biorevitalisation also helps to fight couperose and hyperpigmentation. The main advantage of this procedure is its deep impact at the cellular level and its effect on increased production of collagen and elastin. We recommend prior consultation with a specialist who, based on the indications, age and skin type, will select a treatment method and prescribe the required number of sessions.



The difference between mesotherapy and biorevitalization is that in addition to hyaluronic acid, a special cocktail of the components required to solve the problem is injected under the skin. These medications are injected into the middle layers of the skin and they act locally on problem areas. Mesotherapy is recommended as a course for cumulative and persistent effects.


Botulinum toxin (Dysport)

The botulinum therapy procedure is probably the most popular and demanded today. It helps to avoid the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead and between the eyebrows, to prevent the lowering of corners of the mouth, to remove hypertonicity in the neck muscles and to eliminate acidic wrinkles. The procedure is recommended in the initial manifestation of creases, because later it will not be possible to camouflage already deep and visible wrinkles using just the botulinum therapy. The botulinum toxin also helps to fight against hyperhidrosis (increased sweating). It is really a true salvation from wet armpits, palms and feet.


Contour plastic

Contour plastics in cosmetology is used for correcting the face oval and restoring tissue volumes. With its help it is possible:

– to correct facial contours,

– to increase or correct lip asymmetry,

– to increase cheekbone volume,

– to form the angle of the lower jaw and give the chin a more feminine shape,

– to remove the nasolabial folds,

– to perform a non-surgical rhinoplasty,

– to lift the skin,

– to fill in the nasolacrimal furrow,

– make the «rings of Venus» around your neck less visible.


Cosmetologists at the RELAXIS studio perform biorevitalization, mesotherapy, botulinum therapy and contour plastics procedures only with high-quality and certified products.