Machine procedures

Today the machine cosmetology holds one of the leading positions on the market of cosmetology procedures. This is connected with the fact that it has a fairly wide range of applications and has such benefits as:

– painlessness,

– short recovery period,

– effective solution of local problems,

– expressed result.

Thanks to modern methods, a number of problems can be solved with the help of machine cosmetology, such as reduced tone and elasticity, deformation of the face oval, pigment spots, overweight, cellulite and skin sagging.


The RELAXIS salon recommends:


RF face and body hardware lifting

Radio wave (RF) lifting is rightfully considered as one of the most effective procedures for rejuvenating face and body skin. The effect of high-frequency energy is warming tissue structures to 65 degrees. This leads to activation of the production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for skin rejuvenation processes. Lipolysis is also triggered in the subcutaneous fat, which splits the fat into glycerine and fatty acids. As a result of radio frequencies, the overall condition of the skin improves. RF-lifting is performed on problematic skin areas of the face and body (neck, neckline, arms, thighs, buttocks). To achieve a lasting effect, we recommend a course of procedures, which is selected by a master individually for each client.



Lipolaser is often compared with non-surgical liposuction. The procedure is prescribed for patients who suffer from excess fat deposits in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, back, knees and arms. The essence of the procedure is that the process of splitting the fat is triggered by cold spectrum light waves. The result is visible after the first procedure, and a reduction of 8-10 centimetres can be achieved during the course and it depends on the individual characteristics.


Hardware no-needle mesotherapy

Hardware mesotherapy is a modern alternative to injection techniques. With the help of a specially selected cocktail, the device ‘delivers’ active substances to the surface and middle layers of the dermis. The components included in the cocktail are selected based on the patient’s problem. With the help of hardware mesotherapy it is possible to achieve a rejuvenating and moisturizing effect, increase skin turgor, eliminate pigmentation, get rid of swelling and bruising, remove stretch marks and cellulite signs. For visible and persistent results, it is recommended to take a full course of mesotherapy according to the cosmetologist’s instructions.